Helen Cross

Spring Conference: Who's afraid of big bad tech - will advances in science hinder equality? (March 21st, 17:40-18:45)

Rapid Technology and scientific advancement are changing our world and COVID 19 is accelerating them. But will everyone benefit from those advancements or will they reinforce or even increase social and economic inequality?

The fall out of these advancements disproportionately impact women, the young, those from Black, Asian and minority groups, disabled people and other marginalised groups.

Join Layla Moran and a diverse expert panel at this Liberal Democrat Women hosted event in collaboration with ALDES , LGBT+ Lib Dems, Young Liberals and LDCRE, exploring how green technology, AI and robotics and advancements in medical science can be part of building a society where nobody is enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

As a Spring Conference Fringe event, attendance is restricted to conference attendees - be sure to register for Conference!