Lee Dargue

Spring Conference: Mental Health and Coronavirus – Moving from crisis to cure (March 21st, 17:40-18:45)

Mental health has been, for far to long, a taboo subject. These days, it’s much easier to talk about the subject, and it’s often in the news and public sphere (unfortunately, too often following a tragedy).

“These days”, politically, is about a decade. Because it’s in that time that Lib Dems in government finally bought Mental Health in from the cold, and now all parties see it as a political priority. Central to that cause, although not alone of course, was Norman Lamb.

Now Sir Norman, Chair of the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust and the former Minister of state for Health and Care, will be heading up panel discussion at Spring conference, on Sunday, March 21, at 5.40pm.

The panel will feature more guests (to be announced) and led by Chair of the Liberal Democrat Health & Care Association, Lee Dargue, a long-time advocate of mental health himself. This event is being supported by the great team at ALDES, and you can read their report “Public Mental Health and COVID-19: a compassion based approach to recovery and resilience”.

As a Spring Conference Fringe event, attendance is restricted to conference attendees - be sure to register for Conference!