About us

Policy motions

The Liberal Democrats are not like other parties: our members decide our policy. Members’ experience and understanding helps ensure we have the policies that matter to ordinary people and that policy is scrutinised by those with expertise and lived experience.

Liberal Democrat members vote on all policy at our two annual party conferences and can even submit their own policy proposals or amendments if they find support from other members or local parties.

Working groups

Detailed policy papers are prepared by policy working groups set up by the party’s Federal Policy Committee.

Working groups will typically consult for several months before publishing a policy paper and associated policy motion to be considered at the party conference. Many Aldes members take an active part in the party’s central policy working groups; we also set up our own internal policy working groups so that members with similar expertise can develop briefings or policy motions.

Associated organisations

Aldes is a group within the Liberal Democrats with Specified Associated Organisation (SAO) status. This gives us the right to submit policy motions to the conference as an organisation without seeking local party approval.

Existing Lib Dem STEM policy

Science policy paper

In 2012, Dr Julian Huppert MP presented a policy paper, which represented the party’s first major science policy update in over 20 years. The conference also voted in favour of a policy motion, based on the paper entitled ‘Building a Future: Policies for Science and Research’.

The motion included calls to:

  • increase the ring-fenced Government science budget by 3% above inflation for 15 years
  • improve science and maths teaching in schools, through specialist science teachers in all schools, and funding continuous professional development
  • set immigration rules that encourage students and foreign experts to come to study and conduct research in the UK

Watch Julian Huppert arguing in favour of the policy motion in the video here, and read the full policy paper here.