Spring Conference: Nuclear AND renewable energy - time to stop attacking each other to reach net-zero? (March 19th, 16:35-17:40)

Nuclear energy has been alternately cast as a beacon of progress and a dangerous villain ever since it was proposed some 90 years ago. It now provides some 10% of the world's electricity needs (and 20% of the UK's) - but debate rages on whether (and how) to use it as part of our drive to meet net-zero carbon emissions.

Join ALDES, experts, and Lord Jonny Oates in revisiting the Lib Dem nuclear position: what numbers underpin “no-new-nuclear”? Does “no-new-nuclear” mean fossil fuels for longer? And given the government’s nuclear agenda, can we ensure they correctly-manage costs and timescales?

As a Spring Conference Fringe event, attendance is restricted to conference attendees - be sure to register for Conference!