The Liberal Stemmocrat: September 2020 Newsletter

The Liberal Stemmocrat: September 2020 Newsletter


The ALDES AGM is taking place virtually on Thursday, October the 15th at 7 pm.

We'll be taking nominations for the 2021 exec, discussing the year past and what's ahead, and also looking to adopt a new modern constitution to better reflect ALDES' place in the Party.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP via this link and we'll send you joining details prior to October the 15th. Nominations for committee positions can also be sent to Emma Colliver, ALDES Secretary, at, or raised at the AGM itself; a proposer and seconder are required. Committee positions up for election under the proposed constitution are: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, along with three elected Ordinary Members of the Committee. Any questions just fire either myself or Emma an email!

Proposed amendments to the ALDES Constitution

The new proposed constitution can be viewed by clicking this link.

The key changes are to our Executive Committee positions in Section 7. If you have any questions we're here as always to answer over email.

Any amendments to the proposal can also be sent to

Looking forward to seeing many of you virtually at both Conference and the AGM!

All the very best,

Josh Matthews |

Autumn Conference 2020 - call for questions!

ALDES is running two fringe events this Conference packed with experts and leading Parliamentarians - and we want your input! Please fire away with any and all questions on the events below to - looking forward to seeing you there for what will be two fantastic discussions :)

Beijing to Silicon Valley: What is the Liberal future for Artificial Intelligence?

Saturday, September 26, 6.45 pm

AI has the potential to diagnose tumors better than a consultant. It can learn a person’s voice, and answer to it globally. It can predict weather and climate more effectively than conventional models. It can also learn to be racist.

This powerful tool of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will gift humans with augmented power we’ve not yet seen - do we entrust it to public corporations? Do we invest in it as a public? Are we in an arms race?

Join ALDES in the first of two digital-themed events at the Lib Dems' first digital Conference, in which panelists Lord Tim Clement-Jones and former MEP Lucy Nethsingha, will be discussing what the Liberal Democrat approach should be to developing artificial intelligence (AI).

Who owns the conversation? Social Media, with Daisy Cooper and Young Liberals

Sunday, September 27, 4 pm

The banning of TikTok around the world has largely been seen as a strike against China, but it’s clear that Western-grown social media has had a mixed reception too. Who should be responsible for policing our digital commons? Who owns it? Who should be deciding what’s promoted in your feed, and what’s hidden? Has it done more harm than good? And will that continue? Is social media even destroying our democracy?

Join ALDES, Daisy Cooper MP, and the Young Liberals as we kick off the second of our discussions on the intersection of Liberalism and the digital world.

Lib Dem Voice: Algorithms don't fail people, people do by ALDES' own Dr Rob Davidson

The inequality in this year’s A-level results has been strongly linked to the performance of an algorithm – the statistical model that the government used to ‘automatically’ upgrade or downgrade results for pupils. While ministers will be called to question, for many it will be the cold, faceless, automated algorithm that is seen as the problem. We, as liberals, must be clear: the A-level disaster is not a programming error; algorithms merely reflect or even enhance the bias of their designers. Click here to read more.

Don't shoot the data scientist, please Labour...

Government incompetence and u-turns over high school results have perhaps dominated this summer’s news cycle, which is no mean feat given the global pandemic, record-busting recession and looming Brexit crisis. The story has hinged upon an ‘algorithm’ or, to quote the Prime Minister, a ‘mutant algorithm.’ Sadly, our cousins over at Scientists for Labour have picked up on this theme too – blaming science and algorithms for political mistakes. Click here to read the full article on the ALDES website, again from Dr Rob Davidson.

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