The Liberal Stemmocrat: August 2020 Newsletter

The Liberal Stemmocrat: August 2020 Newsletter

As many of you will be aware, the Lib Dem Leadership election is well underway - with ballots send out and many votes cast. Candidates Ed Davey and Layla Moran have been sharing their visions and have already taken part in over 20 hustings events (with more to come) before ballots close on Wednesday 26th August.

Last night, I was privileged to chair ALDES' Q&A with the two candidates, challenging them on all things STEMM - from Digital and Data to the Green Agenda, and STEMM education to the UK R&D Landscape.

As a cancer research PhD student, it was a particular privilege for me to be able to pose questions on Health and Social Care, a theme which we hope to explore further in ALDES in collaboration with other groups in the party. Do get in touch if you're interested in being involved.

If you'd like to watch a recording of our Q&A event, you can find it at We'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks again to all those who tuned in and submitted questions and to those who helped in organising the event.

Wishing you all an enjoyable August. Signing off from a very hot Richmond Park,

Emma Colliver |

Autumn Conference - Artificial Intelligence

Beijing to Silicon Valley: What is the Liberal future for Artificial Intelligence?

Saturday, September 26, 6.45 pm

AI has the potential to diagnose tumors better than a consultant. It can learn a person’s voice, and answer to it globally. It can predict weather and climate more effectively than conventional models. It can also learn to be racist.

This powerful tool of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will gift humans with augmented power we’ve not yet seen - do we entrust it to public corporations? Do we invest in it as a public? Are we in an arms race?

Join ALDES in the first of two digital-themed events at the Lib Dems' first digital Conference, in which panelists Lord Tim Clement-Jones and former MEP Lucy Nethsingha, will be discussing what the Liberal Democrat approach should be to developing artificial intelligence (AI).

Autumn Conference - Social Media

Who owns the conversation? Social Media, with Daisy Cooper and Young Liberals

Sunday, September 27, 4 pm

The banning of TikTok around the world has largely been seen as a strike against China, but it’s clear that Western-grown social media has had a mixed reception too. Who should be responsible for policing our digital commons? Who owns it? Who should be deciding what’s promoted in your feed, and what’s hidden? Has it done more harm than good? And will that continue? Is social media even destroying our democracy?

Join ALDES, Daisy Cooper MP, and the Young Liberals as we kick off the second of our discussions on the intersection of Liberalism and the digital world.

ALDES' AGM 2020 and the "after-Conference"

If you're interested in getting involved with the ALDES exec in 2021, or wanting to be part of the annual review and discussion - then please do join us at our AGM which will be held in the weeks following Conference (date to be confirmed soon).

Also in the weeks following late September's Conference - ALDES will be hosting some more relaxed, experimental, but highly topical "after-Conference" events. Stay tuned for a big announcement in partnership with the Party's other groups and outside bodies!

Policy Lab

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