Lib Dem Digital Joins ALDES!

Back in 2018 Lib Dem Digital was created by James Belchamber to push for better Digital knowledge and understanding in the party, from Digital Identity to Open Source software. Later that year partnered with Lib Dem FLOSS (created by Toran Shaw in 2017) to combine efforts to align Liberal ideas with the Digital world.

Now, Lib Dem Digital is joining ALDES to further that mission - and we're excited to see what we can do together.

As part of this, there will be some changes:

  • James Belchamber joined the ALDES Executive last year as an adviser, and this year has become the Membership Secretary. This is part of a wider ALDES commitment to represent all of STEMM - Scientists and Engineers of all talents and expertise, alongside Technologists, Mathematicians and Medicine.
  • The Lib Dem Digital Discourse has sadly been shut down. After discussion with party HQ it became clear that this could not be run within the party, so it's been down for a while - members of that forum will be contacted with any alternatives they can use.
  • The Lib Dem Digital assets will transfer to ALDES. We have a desire to use these in future, but as of right now the focus is on being a lean, focused and active organisation within the party.

Expect more from ALDES in the Digital space in future - and for now, go read about our Digital Identity Briefing published by our Digital Identity Working Group.

If you want to be part of the movement within the party to inform and promote the debate with your knowledge and experience, with digital issues as well as other STEMM topics, join us!