Welcome to Aldes

Aldes is a group for Liberal Democrats interested in science, technology, engineering and medicine, and promoting evidence based policy.

We were founded in 1991 to provide the party with a source of expertise on policy issues in science, technology, engineering and medicine. We have over 250 members hailing from a wide range of backgrounds including many with no formal technical training, but with an interest in developing policy for the challenges of tomorrow.

We host regular fringe discussions at the party’s conferences: recent topics include the EU’s role in science research, making, opportunities for collaboration with China, and the engineering skills gap. We also draft briefing notes and policy papers on topics in the STEM sector.

Today we’re giving our website a little refresh: get in touch via chair[at]aldes.org.uk if you have any feedback or suggestions.

To find out more, check out our About page and if you’re keen to join we’d love to hear from you.