The Liberal Stemocrat – June Newsletter

It’s difficult to find the right words in such a short message for the murder of George Floyd and the ongoing oppression and injustice it has re-highlighted, beyond that we’re heartbroken. ALDES stands with those demanding justice, equality, and what is right. As Liberals, and as Liberal Democrats, we demand it too.

ALDES will – as a start – continue to build our relationships with other Liberal Democrat groups like the Young Liberals and LDCRE (the Lib Dem Campaign for Race Equality), draw on the expertise of our members, and use our place within the party to champion diversity and inclusivity, particularly in the STEM fields – which has seen progress in recent years but still has so far to go.

Please consider this a call to action – if you are working on diversity in STEM or diversity in politics (or both) we want to hear from you and we want to work with you; click here for one of many comprehensive and actionable lists of ways we can all do our part right now. We know things aren’t alright, whether in our professional fields, our party, or the country itself – and we look forward to working with you all to make it right. Black Lives Matter

The ALDES Executive

Chair’s note

As most of us come to terms with just how much evidence-informed policy differs from evidence-based policy, we’re all striving to make the right personal and political decisions as the government lifts lockdown in the face of a disagreeing scientific (and broader) community. The situation is as fluid as ever, and we continue to do the best we can individually and in our communities; heading into the summer months, let’s keep each other safe and well informed by the information we have available and that we trust. Despite the circumstances, ALDES is going from strength to strength with new (virtual) events, working groups, and collaborations on the agenda. Whatever your interest or experience, we’d love you to get involved in some of the opportunities below.

All the best,

Josh Matthews |

Data privacy and digital transformation – 4 themes

ALDES’ data and digital working group is exploring 4 different overarching themes in the near future, please do get in touch for more information and if you would be able to lend your expertise in any way at all:

  • Data privacy and governance, leading on from the group’s first briefing note (attached here)
  • AI and ethics
  • Huawei and dispelling the “core vs periphery” debate
  • Promoting the digital industry throughout the UK
Addressing COVID-19 and mental health – a new ALDES briefing note

ALDES’ COVID-19 working group has produced a briefing note on the short- and long-term mental health implications of the pandemic (which you can read here), and how we as Lib Dems need to double-down as the compassionate champions of our collective mental health moving forward.

ALDES and the Young Liberals come together on Zoom and for the future…

ALDES and the Young Liberals recently hosted an engaging and actionable panel discussion on COVID-19. Questions flooded in, as did routes to explore further, including how we better engage with our MPs and Lords, future events and campaigns alongside multiple Lib Dem groups, and the Welsh manifesto! Stay tuned to ALDES and the Young Liberals moving forward in partnership.

Autumn Conference – virtual fringe events and more

Now that we have a confirmed virtual conference this Autumn – we’re calling for all groups within the Lib Dems to come together to put on exciting and informative fringe events. Conversations are ongoing and so please do get in touch with us if you’re keen on getting involved!

The ALDES AGM will also take place around Autumn Conference – details will follow in the near future of how you can get involved with the ALDES exec in 2021.

Social media

Stay in touch with ALDES via social media:

We’re also starting a new LinkedIn network – click here to join.

And finally…

The Power of Place

ALDES and CaSE (the Campaign for Science and Engineering) are building a partnership around its latest report “The Power of Place”; the report focusses on localized R&D strategy and investment, which you can read here. Initial discussions have begun to expand this work in the East of England through local government and universities – if anyone reading the report feels they can contribute personally to this new partnership, or connect us with relevant businesses, local government, or academia then please, as ever, do get in touch.