Policy Consultation on the Transition to a Zero Carbon Britain

The Liberal Democrats are currently calling for contributions to Consultation Paper 109: Transition to a Zero Carbon Britain. The introduction to the paper, which was drafted by a working group appointed by the Federal Policy Committee and chaired by Neil Stockley, reads:

The Federal Policy Committee has […] commissioned new policy work on ‘The Transition to a Zero-Carbon Britain’. The policy working group has the task of mapping out the specific policies that will be needed to deliver a zero-carbon Britain by 2050, building on existing party policies, and the achievements of Liberal Democrats in government. Rather than being confined to such areas as energy, transport and carbon pricing, the group’s work will cover the full range of policy areas to effect the transition to a zero-carbon Britain by 2050. Policies for adapting to the impacts of climate change will, however, be considered separately.

Aldes intends to contribute to the consultation paper, by submitting a response on behalf of the association. If you would like to be involved in the working group preparing this contribution, please email the Chair, Steve Coltman, at stephen.coltman1@ntlworld.com. Members wishing to make an individual contribution to the Consultation Paper, should send comments to andrew.johnson@libdems.org.uk.

Download the Consultation Paper