Jenny Woods selected for Reading East

Dr Jenny Woods, Aldes Vice Chair, ScienceWe’re delighted that our Vice Chair Dr Jenny Woods has been selected as the prospective parliamentary candidate for the constituency of Reading East.

Jenny is an extremely influential campaigner both within and beyond the Liberal Democrats. She notably proposed a successful amendment to the civil liberties policy motion at the party’s Spring Conference in 2012 laying out safeguards against infringements of online freedoms and disproportionate state surveillance. This was months before the full details of the planned Communications Capabilities Development Programme were revealed and over a year before the Snowden revelations brought digital civil liberties into the media foreground.

At the Autumn conference in 2012, Jenny summated the party’s motion on science policy, which proposed a model to build a stronger and more long-sighted foundation for science funding and the practice of science in the UK.

Steve Coltman, Chair of Aldes said:

The House of Commons is short of MPs with a science background, and without well-qualified MPs to scrutinise and challenge government policy, governments have a licence to govern badly, as they often have done in the past. Jenny Woods ticks so many boxes for the voters of Reading, it is hard to see where the opposition parties are going to find a better candidate than her.  By electing Jenny, voters in Reading can help to combat both the gender imbalance and lack of scientific understanding in the Commons and ensure that future Home Secretaries are properly held to account on surveillance and digital rights.

Jenny Woods said:

For me, being involved in politics is all about helping people make the changes that are needed to improve their lives. I’m proud to stand here in Reading East, fighting for the Liberal Democrat values of freedom, fairness and equality, and working to improve our community by putting power into the hands of local people.

We wish Jenny all the best for her campaign and will publish further details of how to support her, as well as other Lib Dem advocates for science, in the near future.