GE2017: A voice for science and engineering

Scientific co-operation across Europe has helped all our lives, it’s helping us cure disease, expand the boundaries of our knowledge and increase our understanding of our home planet and beyond.

Brexit puts all that at risk

The Liberal Democrats are a pro-science party with evidence- based policies. They are the real opposition to the Conservative Brexit Government and the only party fighting for a Britain that is open, tolerant and united.

Elect MPs who will stand up for science and engineering

Dr Julian Huppert – Cambridge

As MP for Cambridge from 2010-2015, Huppert was a tireless campaigner for science and digital civil rights, being named ISPA ‘Internet Hero of the Year’ 2013. He was the only MP with a science research background and fought for increased public investment in research and innovation.


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Dr Layla Moran – Oxford West & Abingdon

Layla Moran is a Physics teacher by profession. She advocates evidence-based solutions to environmental issues like flooding and is a strong supporter of science innovation and investment.


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Ed Davey – Kingston & Surbiton

As Secretary for Energy and Climate Change, Davey ensured climate change was on the agenda in the coalition government, founding the Green Investment Bank, increasing wind generation capacity and driving an EU agreement to limit carbon emissions by 40% by 2030.


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Dr Jackie Pearcey – Manchester Gorton

Jackie Pearcey holds a PhD in Applied Nuclear Physics from Manchester University and formerly worked at NNC Ltd. Knutsford as a nuclear safety analyst before becoming an analyst and software programmer for a local company that trades heavily in Europe.


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Ian Stotesbury – Watford

Ian is a passionate scientist, engineer and environmentalist. In his role as a Systems Engineer in the Space Industry he works on the design of spacecraft. He hopes to be a voice for evidence-based policy, government transparency and openness.


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Dr Jenny Woods – Reading East

Jenny Woods holds a PhD in astrophysics and works to connect policymakers with academic research to drive evidence- informed policy. She was also a leading campaigner against the Investigatory Powers bill and its predecessors.


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